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The KETTLEfit Level 1 Course introduces students to the background and history of Kettlebells, outlining health and safety considerations as well as identifying indivudual conditions which preclude Kettlebell use.

Students will be taught many kettlebell exercises suitable for a range of clients from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Course Format
The KETTLEfit Level 1 Trainer Course is a 2Day course with a  multiple choice theory paper & practical assessment at the end of the course.
Course Content

– Background & history of Kettlebell training

– Benefits of training with Kettlebells

– Important health and safety considerations including contraindications

– Instruction in Kettlebell specific warm up and how to teach it

– Instruction and practice of over 25 different Kettlebell exercises

– Relevant instructions and teaching points for coaching clients in correct Kettlebell techniques

– Indentifying common faults made by clients performing Kettlebell exercises

– Remedial drills to correct poor Kettlebell technique

– How to integrate Kettlebell training alongside other training methods

– How to use Kettlebells as a standalone training tool

– How to target specific client goals with relevant Kettlebell exercises

– Construction of Kettlebell training programmes including one2one, circuits & group training

– An overview of Kettlebell sport and competition

– Exercises taught on this course include: Swing, Clean, snatch, jerk, push press, windmill. Turkish get up, Russian twist, rack, high pull, renegade row, single leg deadlift, figure of 8.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing or Exercise to music.

You should also be physically fit, as this is a strenuous and very practical course.
Students will be expected to demonstrate competent teaching in a number of key Kettlebell exercises during the 2-day course under the observation of the course tutor and pass a multiple choice writen theory paper.
Certification and Credits
After attending the 2-day course and successfully completing the continual practical assessment, Students wil recieve a Complete Kettlebell Trainer’ Certificate.
You will also receive 16 REPs CPD points.

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