Local Tennis League – Match 3

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Local Tennis Leagues

Local Tennis Leagues

Match 3: 2nd July 2017

Match number 3, I’ve now started clocking up 18hrs of tennis a week, I’ve started wearing compression tights and compression socks from X-Bionic who sponsored me during my days as a professional ultra endurance athlete.

playing so many hours on hard courts is causing a few aches, and I’m starting to take longer to recover from matches.

Match 3 was at the Delta Tennis Centre and this time would be my first ever indoor tennis match.

As usual I give service to my opponent, but this time it takes a while to break their serve, the first set ends up 6-3, my opponent is used to this surface and regularly plays at the Delta, but half way through the first set I’m settled and getting used to how the court surface plays and my forcing my opponent to move across the court in the end wore them down.

By the second set, I was in charge of the match taking the second set 6-1.  I’ve found my new favourite environment to play tennis.  Indoors! I found I could toss the ball higher on service, I had a far better hearing and I found having a roof over my head gave me a way of stopping my loss of balance whilst serving, something I haven’t scientifically looked to see if this really helps a deaf tennis player, but it certainly worked for me.

I was also nursing a hamstring injury which I gained the weekend before in the Highworth Tennis Club Junior Senior Tournament where  myself and junior tennis partner reached the final before I had to pull out due to the injury.  Thankfully my X-Bionic leggings really helped with protecting my injury and got me through the match with a 6-3 6-1 win.


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