Local Tennis League – Match 7 (Final Match of League)

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IMG_1070Final match of the Summer League – 14th August 2017

My first and only home match of the Summer League at my club, the Highworth Tennis Club.

Thankfully, this was always going to be my easiest match of the league, my opponent had lost every match and so I was going into this match expecting an extremely confident win.

The final score would be 6-0 6-0…

As I’ve just said I went into this match knowing this would be my easiest, which was great as I only just returned from a long weekend climbing in Snowdon the day before and so my legs were still recovering.

IMG_1080I was tired and very stiff, but it would be a very quick 6-0 6-0 two set match in just 1hr 5mins.

my opponent just wasn’t used to a left handed player serving out wide, and I took full advantage of this, choosing a slice spin over power.

returning my opponents serve which was slow and straight gave me plenty of time to move around the ball, so even with the ball moving towards my backhand, I had plenty of time to step sideways the use my forehand return down the line.

This final comfortable win wasn’t enough to go top of the league, I had to settle for second place and no promotion because of my one defeat in the league.

Ive now a short break before the Autumn League starts on 7th September with an ever more determination to win the league this time.

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