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World Best Bleep Test Scores

The beep or bleep test, or more correctly known as the Multistage Shuttle Run Test, is a test of aerobic (endurance) fitness that is a common  test undertaken by many team sports and school groups. See a description of the Beep Test. The test involves running between two markers 20 meters apart. There are several versions of the test, and the one that is used is not always reported with the results, and this should be considered when comparing test results. For example, there are versions of the beep test conducted over 15m, and the Yo-Yo test is sometimes mistakenly called the beep test.

There are some unconfirmed rumors that some athletes, such as David Beckham (football/soccer), Lance Armstrong (cyclist) and Neil Back (England rugby player), have completed the  test, which is 23 levels on the commonly used version. This is probably unlikely – David Beckham is fit, but not the fittest in his teams, and Lance Armstrong struggled to perform well during retirement from cycling when he attempted running some  marathons.

As this is a field test of endurance that is often used to test large groups, the best endurance athletes in the world would probably not have even tried the test. High level endurance athletes would more likely perform a VO2max test to measure their aerobic fitness.


Males Top Performances

Many of these scores are not verified. Data has mostly been collected from online newspaper articles and lists. If you know of documented results it would be great to hear of them.

rank score name sport notes
1 17/1 Kini Qereqeretabua Rugby Union Fijian player, achieved in 2007. This effort is very impressive, especially considering that he is 103kg. (from the Fiji Times)
=2 17 Sebastian  Coe Athletics reported result from this UK middle distance champion runner
=2 17 Lee Gong Dook Football (Soccer) Premier League player
=2 17 Zain Wright Field Hockey Tasmanian   Kookaburras player, score confimed ex-player and by AIS staff member.
=2 17 Steve Nash Basketball NBA point guard, played with the Dallas Mavericks
6 16/11 Dean Murphy Triathlon and Hockey An unconfirmed result sent by Luke Evans. Murphy was 17 years old. Apparently it can be verified by Australian hockey player Brent Livermore.
=7 16/10 David Guest Field Hockey Australian field hockey player, score confimed ex-player and by AIS staff member.
=7 16/10 Matt Swann Field Hockey Australian field hockey player, score confimed ex-player and by AIS staff member.
9 16/9 Daniel Jackson AFL AFL player   from Gippsland Power achieved in March 2012 TAC testing
10 16/7 Netani Suka Rugby Union Fijian player, achived in 2007 at the same time as Qereqeretabua.  (from the Fiji Times)
=11 16/4 Scott Spriggs AFL Player from the North Ballarat Rebels TAC cup team, from about 2010. He has achived several scores above 16 during AFL Victorian state testing.
=11 16/4 Lachlan (Lachie)  Whitfield AFL AFL player from the   Dandenong Stingrays achived this score in TAC testing, March 2012.
=13 16/2 Kane Mitchell AFL Claremont player, achieved at the AFL WA state combine in October 2011
=13 16/2   Hayden Hector AFL Gippsland Power player, achieved at the AFL VIC state combine in October 2011
=15 16/1 Maurizio Minetti Handball Achieved by this player from Ossola, Italy in Oct 2009.           (unconfirmed result, submitted by site visitor)
=15 16/1 Brad Hill AFL   Younger brother of Stephen Hill of the Fremantle Dockers. This is the best ever result at the NAB AFL Draft Combine (from 2011)
17 15/11 Simon Black AFL Brisbane Lions AFL club record.

notes: I previously had listed hockey player Brent Livermore with 17/2. His best has now been confirmed by an AIS staff member to be 15.10.

To be Comfirmed

  • The Australian 400m/800m athlete Chris Colwill did a 18/5 in Mackay in 2008. This was video recorded at the Mackay hockey grounds. Apparently this is not an unusual result according to him but he states it is not reflected in his running ability or times. He reckons he has a high lactate threshold but not a large VO2Max. (received frmo  Peter Reynolds, Jan 2012)

Disputed High Scores

  • 19/2 Håkan Mild: There is a report of Football (Soccer) player Håkan Mild achieving 19/2. Mild played for IFK Gothenburg. He had been rumored to have completed the test, though his best of 19/2 was  confirmed by him on Swedish radio (if you understand Swedish, you can listen to the interview on radiosporten, from January 2009). As this score is way above other sores that have been recorded, it may actually be a result from the yo-yo test, developed in Scandinavia and commonly used to test soccer players..
  • 19 Graham Bashop. There was a report of Graham Bashop All Black Rugby Union  scrum half  achieving level 19 in the early 90’s, though again it have been   a result from the yo-yo test.

Mike Buss – Ultra Endurance Athlete

Mike Buss apparently set  six world records  in just one weekend at   the Swindon Designer Outlet Village, Nov 2005, running the mutli-stage fitness test at   different categories carrying a weight on his back of 40, 60lbs and 120lbs   in weight, with and without wearing a full Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare   Suit. Unfortunately the report did not state what he achieved in the tests.


  • you should check out lee chong wei bleep test. It is around level 21+ (from Aaron, March 2012)
  • Matthew Swann from the Australian Hockey Team completed a 17.4 in the last 12 months (2010/11) in Perth and David Guest also from Hockey recorded a 17.2 in 2009-10 sometime. (from Paul MacKinnon, Oct 2011). – note: Scores for these players have since been confirmed and are listed in the table above.
  • I  have only just come across this site and I competed in the bleep test in the summer of 96 and recorded a score of 17.3 for which I received a trophy. the only problem was that i was incarcerated which probably makes me the worlds fastest prisoner? Not something to be proud of but still an achievement. (from Paul Jamieson, Aug 2011)

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