Obesity Fears – The Facts

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Obesity in the UK predicted to reach 40% by 2035

Obesity in the UK predicted to reach 40% by 2035

Here are the FACTS:

Obesity in the UK, has cost the Economy according to a study from McKinsey & Company approx £49.5billion, making it after smoking the second largest health liability of the UK economy.  If this epidemic is not tackled, then this cost will increase, as the latest predicted figures for Obesity in the UK will increase to 40% by 2035.

The direct costs of obesity to the NHS in England in 1998 was £479.3 million and climbed to £4.2 billion in 2007.  Estimates of the indirect costs (those costs arising from the impact of obesity on the wider economy such as loss of productivity) over the same time period ranged between £2.6 billion and £15.8 billion.

The cost of obesity and obesity-related illness was estimated to have cost £148 million in inpatient stays in England during 2015.  The Government currently spends approximately £6billion per year on direct medical costs from Over Weight & Obesity related illness and is predicted to rise to between £10billion and £12billion.

If we break this down per capita spending on patients increases significantly between normal BMI and Obesity classed BMI.

The difference between Normal BMI & Obese classed BMI is a whopping 80% or £642.

It is estimated that Obesity kills around 30,000 people per year.

At the rate of deaths by Obesity, research predicts that Obesity will overtake smoking as Britains top preventable killer.  We have far more children with diabetic and kidney problems than ever before and the problem is getting worse.

Obesity is a very preventable problem effecting both the health and the economy of the UK, but if we are to tackle this issue, we have to target our youth population who are the future adults who are more likely now to become Obese than ever before.

By Mike Buss

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