Orlando Mass Murderer Pledged allegiance to ISIS

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Omar Mateen - Orlando Mass Killer

Omar Mateen – Orlando Mass Killer

Mass Orlando Mass Murderer Was not On the Terror Watch List, Even Though He Was Interviewed By FBI Twice Since 2013

29yr old US citizen of Afghan decent Omar Mateen last night massacred 50 young people enjoying a night out at gay night club ‘Pulse Night Club’ in Orlando at 2am.  Omar Mateen from Port St Lucie, Florida killed 50 and injured 53 as approximately 100 clubbers were taken hostage.  Mateen was actually known to the FBI as he had been interviewed twice since 2013, but was not put on the terror watch list.

Mateen has been accused by ex-wife as unstable and physically abusive and his work colleagues often complained about his racist and homophobic comments, Mateen was commented by one of his colleagues as ‘unhinged’.

Mateen used an AR-15 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle, one of several weapons that Mateen purchased in the past few days says the FBI.  Mateen was able to purchase these weapons as all investigations into him by the FBI had been closed.  Mateen was first interviewed by the FBI in 2013 after he made remarks to work colleagues alleging possible ties to ISIS and American suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha who lived just 30minutes away from Mateen.

An FBI Spokesperson said that the shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism, though they are not just looking at the shooting as an international terrorist act and are also looking into if it was a domestic terrorist act and whether Mateen was a lone wolf.  ISIS affiliated social media accounts have publicly stated that the shooting was an ISIS attack though this is still not confirmed as an ISIS attack.

In an interview with NBC News, Mateens father Mir Seddique said his son became angry at witnessing two men kissing several months ago.  Although Mateens father said he did not condone the shoot by his son, he went on to say that it was not his sons job to kill these people and that it was down to god to judge them for their sexual orientation.  Showing an anti gay view.

At 5am it was decided to send in the SWAT Team who went into the club and killed Mateen in a bathroom where he was holding hostages.  An officer was shot during the entry by SWAT, but the officer was saved by his helmet.  At 6am the police tweeted ‘Pulse Shooting: The Shooter inside the club is dead’.

Surely questions need to be asked about why Mateen was not on the Terror Watch List when he had links to a known suicide bomber and had made comments of supporting Islamic Extremism.  Even if there was no confirmed evidence, surely Mateen should have been put on the Watch List as a precaution?  You could say this would infringe on his human rights, but when you are linked with known terrorists and law enforcement agencies feel a need to interview you on multiple occasions then you have to accept being put on such a list.  In this day and age in a world of extremist terrorism, you have to accept tighter security and infringements on human rights.

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