Paris Olympics | 1900

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The second Olympiad  took place in Paris France which was held to coincide with the Paris International Exhibition and ran from May that year to the end of October.

There was no opening or closing ceremonies and it was hard to tell which events were actually part of the games and at times even the athletes didnt even know if they were actually competing in the Games.

Weightlifting and Wrestling were dropped from the 1900 Games.  Several team sports were added including Rugby, Soccer and Cricket.

There were a number of unofficial and demonstration sports at the 1900 Games also which included Pigeon racing, Ballooning, Angling, motorsports and even fire fighting.

Some events were competed on Sundays which was protested by the American Athletes.  Myer Prinstein was actually in the lead of the long jump, but when the Final was announced to be held on a Sunday Myer refused to compete.  Fellow American athlete Alvin Kraenzlein did however take part in the final and angered Myer who ended up in second place with his jump from a qualifying round, Myer was so angry that it was reported he punched Alvin in the face.


  • Host City – Paris
  • 24 Nations participated
  • 997 athletes participated (975 men & 22 women)
  • Events Organised: 19 sports/95 events


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