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I came across Physicool back in 2010 at the London Marathon Expo, I had been suffering from a repeating shoulder injury and needed something that would help with my recovery after long runs also.

Ive been using it ever since as a major part of my recovery regime, ther really is nothing on the market that comes close to this and is so easy to use with no messing around or mess.

I totally 200% endorse this product and suggest if you are serious about your sport and your training then you need to get hold of Physicool too!

Physicool is a new and unique  product  range  including  the  fabulous  Cooling  Tee  Shirt  (see  below)  and  the stretchy,  reusable  Physicool bandage that combines cooling, compression and support.

Physicool products provide provide instant cooling while the bandage also provides instant treatment for  inflammation and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It is highly effective and quickly reduces swelling and pain. The bandage can be applied in seconds, you just need to have it at hand, and its effects are long lasting, even after the bandage is removed.

Physicool works by drawing heat out through rapid evaporation, as opposed to most other products that work by driving cold in.

It’s perfect for domestic, sport and leisure use.

Reduce the pain, reduce the swelling, get your recovery underway quickly, make sure you get Physicool today!

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