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Classic-Relay-Races-e1430195132633 (2)RELAY RACE – THE AIMS

The Aims of Relay Races Are:

  • To achieve a training effect level of activity by semi continuous physical activity.
  • To encourage competitive spirit.
  • To encourage team spirit.
  • To add enjoyment to physical training.


  • The aim is achieved by making participants compete against each other in small teams.
  • Each participant is required to move a number of times at speed over short distances.
  • The rest period should be limited.
  • For best effect teams should be 6 or less.


It can be conducted in limited areas both indoors and outdoors.

Does not take much time to benefit the soldiers and it can be quickly set up.

A higher degree of competitiveness can be introduced.


  • Basic fitness relay races.
  • Skills based relay races.

Example of a session:

  • Group – 28 people
  • Place – grassed area (30m x 15m)
  • Teams – 7 teams of 4

Session Breakdown:

    • 10mins warm up
    • Sprint relays
    • Hopping relays
    • Wheelbarrow race
    • Medley relays
    • Ball dribbling relays
  • Cool down – stretch

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