Shaolin Warriors – Return of the Master

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The Internationally acclaimed Shaolin Warriors are back with a brand new UK tour – Return of the Master. The new tour opened on Thursday 4th April at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon

This show is unlike any other, a beautifully theatrical Kung Fu show, blending Buddhist Meditation, intense discipline and their rigorous martial arts training to demonstrate amazing feats of agility, strength and skill. This show is an extravaganza, stunning costumes, fabulous scenery, acrobatic skills, and a total celebration of mind- over -matter of which the human body is capable.

The Choreography is spectacular, using atmospheric music to enhance the fighting scenes, the skill of the 22 professionally trained Kung Fu masters is breath-taking, as they demonstrate disciplines such as qigong, animal imitation boxing, drunken boxing, and fight scenes with dangerous traditional weapons.

You are treated to witness some extraordinary stunts – a warrior lies on 4 scimitar blades with a bed of nails placed on his stomach while a second warrior then lies on top of that, to have a marble slab placed on his stomach and it smashed with a sledgehammer, whilst the audience gasp in utter astonishment.

There were a few light- hearted interludes involving audience participation, the highlight being when 25 children were invited on the stage to get involved in some Kung Fu training, the children appeared to love it and it certainly delighted and entertained the audience!

The Shaolin Warriors are undoubtedly the Masters of Kung Fu and exceed all expectations.

It is highly entertaining and a must see breath-taking show for Family Audiences and Martial Art enthusiasts alike – the only downside is that you go home feeling very unfit!


The shows are available until early July at various venues around the Uk, to book tickets :

By Helen Wright

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