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mens-health-checklistDoes Eating Fish really Give You Brains? Fish if full of Omega 3 DHA, which is proven to keep the brain cell membranes healthy and appears to aid communication within brain cells.  It helps concentration.

When Is The Latest You Can Have Kids?  Unless affected by health problems, men produce sperm all their life, although it gets less likely to fertilise.

Why Do We Lose Hair & Become Bald?  We lose 500-1000 strands of hair a day and follicles grow new hair in its place.  This stops when you reach late teens and you begin to bald due to higher levels of testosterone.

Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine? Laughter can make situations better and can help people fight some diseases, but not killer ones.  It is a very effective medicine, but not necessarily the best one.

When Is The Best Time Of day To Apply Treatment To Spots? The best time to apply treatment is before bed as it doesn’t have to deal with UV exposure and pollution, which you may come across during the day.

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