Stockholm Olympics | 1912

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The Stockholm Games was officially known as the Games of The V Olympiad.  Held in Stockholm, Sweden and ran from 5th May to 27th July.  The Games was again well organised and well attended further boosting the success that London had on the Olympic movement.

Electronic timing devices were used for the first time though unofficial, this like everything else to do with the Games was done with great efficiency, there was a public address system introduced and scoreboard.

For the first time also athletes came from all 5 Continents symbolised by the Olympic Rings, meeting a their international ambitions.  The Stockholm Games was also the first Games independent of any commersial exhibitions which had plagued previous games like St. Louis.

For the first time an Art Competition was introduced to the Games with medals awarded for works of art inspired by sport.

For the first time the Modern Pentathlon was introduced.  The Swedes proved very good at this event taking the first 4 places, and 5th place was taken my George S Patton, who went on to become a General in the US Army during World War II


  • Host City – Stockholm
  • Nations participated: 28
  • 2407 athletes took part (2359 men & 48 women)
  • Events Organised: 14 sports & 102 events
  • First time the Games had athletes from all 5 Continents
  • Japan took place in the Games for the first time
  • Womens events in swimming and diving made their Olympic debut


  • USA Won the 1912 Olympics by winning 25 Golds, 19 Silver, 19 Bronze
  • Great Britain came 3rd. 

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