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Does anyone remember good old Bananaman the cartoon?  Ever since Eric  turned into Bananaman after eating a banana our appitite for miraculous foods has been insatuable, fitness magazines are full of articles about certain foods being known as SUPERFOODS, but is it true or just another con???

Every week we see another story in the press about the latest exotic fruit, vegetable or seed that will, if its to be believed, slow the relentless march of time and save us from illness and disease.

Although there is no strict medical definition for so called SUPERFOODS the word is usually applied to those that might prevent cancer or heart disease.

Many superfoods, particularly tea, soy, blueberries and pomegranates often contain phytochemicals and high levels of antioxidants and other such goodies which are thought to be beneficial to your health.  One theory is that they mop up harmful free radicals (the bad guys) in the body to help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

So where is the proof???

Good Question…  Is there any evidence to back this up, or is it just another food fashion? Dr Virginia Warren, Assistant Medical Director, Group Medical, Bupa isnt so sure…  “some of the health claims behind so called superfoods are based on lab research, animal studies and inconclusive trials” she says.

“This kind of research cant really be meaningfully applied to human health and dietary requirements”.

So should you stay clear of these so called superfoods? No, eating a variety of these foods is going to give you your 5 a day minimum, which is already linked to lower risk of heart disease, stroke and stomach and bowel cancer.  But you cant expect an occasional portion of a ‘superfood’ to cancel out the effects of a days eating badly and drinking too much alcohol.

Eat them as a regular part of your diet and just keep your ears and eyes open to any real research to confirm the foods super powers.


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