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Back Pain

Most of us get back pain from time to time, but living an active lifestyle is the best solution. Are You Sitting Comfortably? Poor posture can lead to back pain. ¬†Spending your day sitting at a desk, slouching in front of the TV, sleep in a bed that’s too hard or too soft, and hunching […]

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Kinesiology | What Is It?

Kinesiology is a natural health therapy…¬† Truely Holistic, Hands On – Drug Free. Whether your health problems are, muscular-skeletal aches and pains, energy swings or just tired all the time, anxiety, mood swings, depression, fears & phobias, food sentivities or nutritional deficiencies… Kinesiology CAN Help… WHAT IS KINESIOLOGY? Kinesiology is a language which enables us […]

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