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THE BIG BREAKFAST The most important meal of the day is often the most neglected meal of the day, BREAKFAST. Breakfast has huge implications on your energy levels later in the day… Here are some breakfast ideas… Cereal: 1 bowl of porridge, muesli, all bran or fruit n fibre for example.  Use semi-skimmed milk or […]

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Oats so Fruity

This muesli breakfast will set you up for the whole day, slowly releasing energy. Ingredients: Oats: 100g Fat Free Live Yoghurt: 200g Mixed Nuts: A handful Pumpkin Seeds: A handful Raisins: Small handful Fresh Berries: A handful Fresh Strawberries: A handful   Dressing: Juice of an Orange   The Method: The night before, add the […]

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The TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Fry Up! | 620Kcals

  2x Grilled Potato Waffles   ½ Tin of Beans   1x Poached Egg   2x Rashers of lean bacon (Recommended: Grill   using George Forman Grilling Machine)   1x Large tomato (slice in half & grill)   25g Mushrooms (grilled)   1x Glass of Orange Juice   ONLY 620 Calories | Though this is […]

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Fresh Strawberries Special K Breakfast

  1x Mug of Special K   Handful of Fresh Strawberries (sliced)   Skimmed Milk     

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Banana & Syrup Pancake

  70g plain flour   1x Large egg   Pinch of LoSalt   150ml Milk (skimmed)   70ml Water   15g Flora Pro-Active   3x Ripe Bananas   2tbsp Manuka Honey   

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