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FIT QUOTE – Fitness Equipment Sourcing Specialists

Fit Quote are a Fitness Equipment sourcing company who also offer an affiliate programme which is great for Personal Trainers looking for an extra revenue stream. Available: Free weights Gym accessories Speed & agility equipment Combat equipment Flooring & matting Functional strength Studio equipment Cardio equipment Benches/Racks/Rigs PT Services Tel: 0845 366 4790 Web: www.fitquote.co.uk

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Standing Barbell Shoulder Press | Targets Deltoids, Triceps, Lower Body

  The idea of this exercise is to load up a heavier weight than a seated shoulder press, to develop additional deltoid strength. Using a barbell, with an¬†overhand grip (hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart), position the bar high on the chest. Bend your knees slightly,¬†then quickly and explosively straighten your legs and press […]

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