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Vomit Bug hits 150,000 Across UK Every Week

Across the UK, people have been hit by a winter vomiting bug.  The number has reached nearly 15,000 a week! The Health Protection Agency show that the norovirus has now infected over 1.1million people since last summer and set to get even worse over the next few weeks, making it the worse outbreak since 2000. […]

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Facts & Figures About The Growth of Obesity

So lets look at what Obesity is first…  Obesity is most commonly defined in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index).  The BMI is calculated as follows: Weight in KGs divided by height in metres sq.  A desirable BMI is considered to be 20-25. Anything above is considered over weight and above 30 is considered Obese. […]

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Stress Changes How People Make Decisions

Big Management Decisions to make? Trying to make a big decision while you’re also preparing for a scary presentation? You might want to hold off on that. Feeling stressed changes how people weigh risk and reward. A new article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, reviews […]

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