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The Royal Air Force Museum invites you to take a seat on board a Lancaster during the legendary Dambusters raid of 1943, using Virtual Reality technology. The Dams Raid was the greatest feat of arms performed by the Royal Air Force and one of the key stories of the Second World War.  Its success captured […]

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Olympic Records

Heres a look over Olympic History, highlighting a variety of records So lets take a look at some record breaking facts and figures… ALL-TIME MEDAL TABLE: COUNTRY GOLD SILVER BRONZE TOTAL USA 930 728 639 2297 Soviet   Union 395 319 296 1010 Great Britain 207 255 252 714 France 192 212 234 638 Germany […]

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Athens Olympics 1896 | The Inargual Modern Games

The 1896 Athens Games was the very first Modern Olympic Games and took place between 6th April & 15th April in Athens, Greece.  It was officially called the Games of I Olympiad and is recognised as the first ever Olympics in modern times.  Baron Pierre de Coubertin who was the man behind bringing the Olympics back […]

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