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90degree Roll Outs (Torq-King)

Torq-King is one of the latest pieces of kit to be designed to hit you hard with core functional training. for more details on Torq-King or to purchase, go to www.torq-king.com

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The Workout Window is used extensively but under emphasised in the Body Building World.  This valuable period however, when the body is being primed firstly for muscle breakdown, then for explosive power and finally for muscle and hormonal recovery and maximisation is very important to your physique development. You will often hear guys talking in […]

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Train for Your First 100mile Cycle Race

So you’ve taken up cycling and entered a 100mile race…  You need to set a training programme with the aim to finish the race, but also to cycle confidently and comfortably.  You need to look at 3 to 4 sessions per week, in the 10week programme below I have set a 4 session per week […]

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Arnold Press | Targets Deltoids

This has to be one of my favourite shoulder exercises and always found in my shoulder routine. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, elbows at your sides and knuckles facing forwards with dumbbells in hands, at shoulder height. Press the dumbbells up over your head, not quite locking out your elbows, at the same time rotate your hands, thumbs […]

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Standing Barbell Shoulder Press | Targets Deltoids, Triceps, Lower Body

  The idea of this exercise is to load up a heavier weight than a seated shoulder press, to develop additional deltoid strength. Using a barbell, with an overhand grip (hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart), position the bar high on the chest. Bend your knees slightly, then quickly and explosively straighten your legs and press […]

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KIT REPORT | Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Headphones

Since leaving the army with a medical discharge for loss of hearing, I’ve hunted for headphones that I could wear without putting in my ears, so not to damage my hearing any further.  Headphones to put in my ears were a no go, hook around the ear headphones still sat in the ear and so […]

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How Exercise Can Strengthen Your Bones

One in three women develops osteoporosis, caused by a gradual loss of bone mineral, which leaves the skeleton fragile and porous.  However, you can improve bone mineral density (BMD) by doing exercise to stimulate bone formation, according to Dr. Joan Bassey and Susie Dinan, advisors to the Osteoporosis Society. Here are their tips: Endurance activities […]

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Mikes Top Novice Marathon Training Tips

Adopt a holistic approach, it’s essential to look at your whole lifestyle when you are thinking about commencing a marathon training programme. Involve family and friends; there is a lot of training needed to complete a successful marathon, so involving family and friends into your new found obsession helps with any conflict of time consumed by your […]

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