The FITswindon Foundation & The mikebussPT Fitness Centre Constitution

The FITswindon Foundation & The mikebussPT Fitness Centre Constitution:

Name of Organisation:

  • FITswindon Foundation – mikebussPT (Fitness Centre) Ltd


Aim of the mikebussPT Fitness Centre/FITswindon Foundation (Objectives):

To offer a gym for the community of Swindon to break down all barriers to fitness…

Intimidation – To break down the walls to enter a gym, being an open door to anyone that wishes to get fit and healthy, and break away from the commercial gym world that is intimidating for many that want to get fit but feel body conscious etc.

Financial (affordability) – offering an all inclusive gym membership including classes, nutrition advice and use of gym for just £10per month.

To serve the community with outreach programmes – Offering PE (Physical Education to those in education at home and have no access to regular PE – To put on events in the community to promote good health.

To work with and support local and national charities involved in Health (BHF, Cancer Research UK, Prospect Hospice).

To provide education in health and fitness – from kids PE to further education, including Fitness Trainer & Personal Trainer Qualifications.  Also to offer youth First Aid training.

To do all things which are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above purposes or any of them.

For the purpose of furthering the purposes set out above.

To contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions, to promote, good health in Swindon.

To support other organisations who also have the health of Swindon at the core of their organisation.



Money Raising

 We will look to operate a number of fundraising activities in the public, such as local shopping malls and super markets.

Events to raise money – 5Km of Terror – Space Hopper Mile – Run for Heroes

Grants – To look at what grants are available to our organisation and apply

Staff – Currently made up of volunteers with aim to train and employ staff at the gym.  CEO Mike Buss will at the point where agreed by the board of trustees will take a salary at an agreed amount.

Premises – This is via rent of first floor of the Old School House, Maxwell Street, Swindon, SN1 5DR.  The aim in 2013 is to take over the whole building when the ground floor finally becomes available.

Contributions via membership fee – The gym (mikebussPT Fitness Centre will take a membership fee of £10per month from adults and £5per month for under 16yrs.

Partnership Working – We will look to work with local business to help us get the message out about good health and fitness, to help fund the gym and what we provide for the members and the community. We will also work to find sponsors such as already found with Jordan Fitness, Star trac and ISO2.  We will also look to work with charity’s both local and national that promotes and supports good health.  BHF – Cancer Research UK – Prospect Hospice

We will also carry out anything else we can come up with, within the law to reach the FITswindon/mikebussPT Fitness Centres Objectives.



Membership to the mikebussPT Fitness Centre is open to all of the community, membership is just £10per month for adults and £5per month for children. Adult membership constitutes those who are 18yrs and above.



Management Committee (Trustees)

Trustees should meet once per month where minutes of the meeting must be recorded and filed.

Board of Trustees:

Mike Buss (CEO & Founder)

Helen (Marketing Manager & Co-Founder)

Hannah Boardman

Karren ODowd (Running Leader)

Sonya Dykes

Ben Sawyer

Steve Bowell




These are trustees with particular jobs and responsibilities within the mikebussPT Fitness Centre

Mike Buss (CEO & Founder)

Helen Wright (Marketing Manager & Co-Founder – Treasurer)

Ben Sawyer (First Aid – Assistant Running Leader)

Steve Bowell (Running Leader – Secretary)

Officers will be chosen by a vote at the Annual General Meeting.



  • Monthly meetings will take place to discuss on going initiatives, fund raising for FITswindon and day to day management of the mikebussPT Fitness Centre.
  • An AGM (Annual General Meeting) each year will be held to go over the years progress, and future plans, as well as voting on the membership of board of trustees.

Annual General Meeting:

  • The annual general meeting shall be held on such a day, providing it is held before the end of March, as the Executive Board determines.
  • The annual general meeting shall be specified as such in the notice convening it and advertised in all organisations Social Media, News Letter and Website.
  • The financial year shall end on 31 December.

The ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be:-

  • To confirm the minutes of the preceding annual general meeting and of any general meeting held since that meeting.
  • To receive the audited balance sheet and statement of accounts for the year.
  • To receive from the Executive Board reports of the year’s activities.
  • To elect the CEO, General Secretary and Treasurer.
  • To receive any Notices of Motions
  • There shall be no ‘any other business’ at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Notices of Motion must be in the hands of the General Secretary not less than one calendar month before the date of the annual general meeting and must be signed by a proposer and seconder.
  • Nominations for election must be in the hands of the General Secretary not less than one calendar month before the date of the annual general meeting, and must be signed by the proposer, the seconder and the nominee.
  • One vote per member only shall be permitted (all members of the mikebussPT Fitness Centre and all associated with the FITswindon Federation are eligible to vote).
  • All contested elections will be by ballot.
  • The chairman shall, in the case of equality of votes, have a second or casting vote.


  • The General Secretary of FITswindon shall, at least twenty one days before the date fixed for the holding of any AGM, cause to be circulated through the Newsletter/Social Media/Website to members on the register of members, stating the place, date and time of the meeting and the nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting.
  • No business other than that set out in the notice convening the meeting shall be transacted at the meeting.
  • No item of business shall be transacted at a general meeting unless a quorum of members entitled under these rules to vote is present during the time when the meeting is present during the time when the meeting is considering the item.
  • The General Secretary shall preside as CEO at each general meeting of the AGM if the CEO is unavailable.
  • All members of the Executive Board are eligible for re-election, and in the event of there being no election does not need a proposer or seconder.
  • Should there not be a proposer for any office, the person holding this office shall continue to serve in this capacity until such time that the next election will take place.
  • No ‘any other business’ shall be carried out at the AGM.
  • The board may authorise any officer(s) or board member(s) to act on its behalf on a particular matter and may give that member plenary powers to do so, provided that the matter is within the remit of FITswindon and complies with the constitution. The board member(s) concerned will report any action taken to the General Secretary in the first instance and to the executive board at its next meeting.


For the purpose of these rules, the office of an officer of FITswindon or of a member of the Executive Board becomes vacant if the officer or member-

  • Ceases to be a member of the Federation.
  • Becomes an insolvent.
  • 1Resigns his office by notice in writing given to the General Secretary or by oral statement at an executive board meeting.
  • Fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the executive board without reasonable excuse.


The Treasurer of FITswindon-

Shall collect and receive all monies due to the Federation and make all payments authorised by the Federation, and shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Federation with proper details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Federation.

The Treasurer shall ensure that a properly qualified auditor nominated by the Executive Board shall be appointed, who shall examine the accounts of the Federation and that the audited accounts be presented annually to the Federation.


The FITswindon general meeting may by resolution remove any member of the Executive Board before the expiration of his term of office and appoint another member in his stead to hold ‘office until the expiration of his term of office and appoint another member in his stead to hold office until the expiration of the term of the first mentioned member.


 All cheques, drafts, bills of exchange. promissory notes and other negotiable instruments shall be signed by any two of the following:-

  • The CEO
  • The General Secretary
  • The Treasurer

Or any other Executive Board members that are appointed by the Executive Board from time to time.




All registers and financial records, as well as any other records or data which is expedient to keep in an electronic form, may be kept in such form.


 The Treasurer shall keep in his custody or under his control, all books, documents and securities of the Federation.


The funds of the Federation shall be derived from fees, annual subscriptions, donations and such other sources as the Executive Board determines.


The Executive Board may make such bye- laws and regulations as the Executive Board in its absolute discretion deems necessary to further the purposes of the Federation.


In the event of any dispute arising under the rules between-

A member, the member who alleges such dispute exists, and who desires that the dispute be resolved, must give notice in writing to the General Secretary that he/she is in such dispute, and that he/she has a grievance which he/she requires be resolved by a Grievance Committee pursuant to the rules.

The notice hereof must contain-

23.2.1    A general description of the dispute.

23.2.2    A statement identifying the rule or rules under which it is alleged the dispute arises.

23.2.3    The steps that the member has taken to endeavour to resolve the dispute.

23.2.4    The steps that the member has taken to endeavour to resolve the dispute.

23.2.5    The relief to which the member claims to be entitled under the rules.

In the event of the General Secretary receiving a notice from a member pursuant hereof, the chairman shall within twenty-one days of the receipt of such notice, appoint a Grievance Committee to hear and determine such dispute.  He shall also supply a copy of the notice given pursuant to the member or members being complained of.

The Grievance Committee shall consist of the CEO, General Secretary and three other persons appointed by the CEO in his unfettered discretion. The three other persons need not be members of the FITswindon.

The Grievance Committee shall meet to hear and determine the said dispute on a date within three months after the appointment of the Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee shall meet at a time and place determined by the members thereof.

The Grievance Committee shall hear and determine the dispute according to the procedure determined as appropriate by the members thereof. The Grievance Committee is not bound to apply any formal rules of procedure, and may adopt such procedures as it considers appropriate in all circumstances, provided always that it shall act in accordance with the principles of natural justices.

A member who is involved in a dispute which is the subject of a hearing and determination by a Grievance Committee as aforesaid may appoint any person to act on his/her behalf in the proceedings before the Grievance Committee.

The Grievance Committee shall hear and determine the dispute, and the decision of that Committee shall be final and conclusive.


With the affiliation of other governing bodies such as the ABA (Amateur Boxing Association and BAWLA (British Weight Lifting Association) FITswindon/mikebussPT Fitness Centre is unequivocally against the use of any illegal substances as stipulated by the International Olympic Committee, W.A.D.A., The International Weightlifting Federation and UKSport.


FITswindon/mikebussPT Fitness Centre on grounds of race, colour, gender, disability, sexual preference, religion, politics or any other irrelevant factor, shall permit no discrimination against any country or persons.


FITswindon/mikebussPT Fitness Centre Child Protection Policy and Good Practice Guidance must be drawn to the attention of all members of staff/volunteers and sign a Self Declaration form, along with gaining a Enhanced CRB Check.


All members of the Executive Board and its sub committees are required to sign FITswindon’s Code of Conduct form before taking office.

Health and Safety

FITswindon/mikebussPT Fitness Centre takes the Health and Safety of the membership seriously. To this end FITswindon/mikebussPT Ltd will make a risk assessment of every venue before any activity begins to see that all reasonably practical steps have been taken to ensure a safe environment for the activities to be under taken.  FITswindon will also discipline any member deemed to be acting in a manner that is potentially detrimental to the health and safety of his self and others.  FITswindon will also ensure that all officials execute their duties in a safe manner. It is the responsibility therefore, of every member and official, to ensure that they act in a safe manner at all times. Members of staff/volunteers and officials must supervise members under 18 years old to ensure that they too act in a safe manner.


Amendments to the Constitution: