The Olympic Rings

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The Olympic Rings have been the most recognised symbol of the Olympics.

Barron Pierre de Coubertin came up with the idea for the symbol most recognised with the Olympics in 1913.  The 5 rings stand for the five continents.  Antarctica is not counted and North & South America are counted as one. The linking of the rings symbolise the connection of the continents and the coming together of the athletes from around the world, aswell as the idea if peace and brotherhood.

The rings sit on a white flag and the ring colours, blue, yellow, black, green and red represent at least one colour of every nations flag.

the flag was first seen at the 1920 Olympic Games and ever since the Munich Games in 1972, the flag has been carried into the stadium at the opening ceremony by the athletes and then hoisted.

It is then lowered at the closing ceremony and handed over to the next host nation, the origional flag was used till 1984 when Seoul presented a new flag made from Korean silk to the IOC.

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