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About 30% of all clients at mikebussPT Ltd say they lack energy either throughout the day or in the afternoon and evening.  Tiredness is a function of:

  • Brain activity
  • Muscular activity
  • Pschyo-social factors

The three most important nutrients to aid brain and muscle function are:

  • Water
  • Glucose
  • Oxygen


  • Drink at least 2ltrs daily
  • Drink one glass to compensate for a glass of alcohol or caffeine drink (coffee, tea, coke)
  • NB you will pass water more frequently


  • For a steady supply of energy (glucose) you should eat complex carbohydrates throughout the day (bread, cereal, pasta).
  • Avoid simple sugars as they will tire you (table sugars, chocolate, sweets, cakes).
  • Sugar in fruit is acceptable.
  • Snack regularly on complex carbohydrate eg: fruit or bread rolls.


Regular deep slow breathing helps oxygenate your blood.  Practise whenever you feel tired.

Avoid smokey atmospheres

Do not let tiredness or lerthargy beat you. Think positively, stay alert and stimulate your mind.

Exercise has several benefits on energy levels:

Helps blood circulate around the body to the muscles and the brain.

Staves off tiredness after meals.

Helps burn off calories aiding weight reduction.  Remember most overweight people carry extra 10-15kg of fat – carrying that much baggage, it is not surprising that tiredness sets in!

Helps muscles become fitter, stronger and more durable.

Adopt these measures and you will notice difference in your energy levels and performance throughout the day.

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