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Most smokers want to quit smoking.  Its the single most thing a smoker can do to live longer and stay in better health.  At any one time, about 1 in 6 smokers are trying to quit.

Its not easy but more than 11million people in the UK are now ex-smokers.

There is no quick and easy way of quitting, but if you really want to, there are ways you can increase your chances of kicking the habbit.


1: Make a date and stick to it.  Draw up a plan of action, in the army we have something we call the 7Ps (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) and its true, plan and you succeed, dont plan and you will fail.  Look at what methods are available to you to help you quit before the start date.

2: Keep busy to help you keep your mind off cigarettes.  Throw away all your ashtrays, lighters, and cigarettes.

3: Drink plenty of fluids.  Keep a glass of water or sugar-free drink by you and sip it steadily.  Try different flavours.

4: Get more active.  Walk instead of using the bus or car.  try the stairs instead of the lift.  Exercise helps you relax and can boostyour morale.

5: Think positively.  Withdrawal can be unpleasent but it is a sign that your body is recovering from the effects of tobacco.  Irritability, urges to smoke and poor concentration are common.  Dont worry, they usually disappear after a few weeks and are reduced by using nicotine replacement products or bupropain.

6: Change your routine. Try to avoid the shop you usually buy cigarettes from.  Try avoiding places that tend to have smokers congrigating.

7: No Excuses. Dont use a crisis or even good news to be an excuse to light a cigarette up, not even just one! There is no such thing as just one, you will soon want another and another and another…

8: Treat yourself, this is important, if you can, use the money you are saving by not smoking to buy something special – big or small, also put the saved money in a glass jar each week that you have saved by not smoking, you will soon see how much money you are saving to do more things you wanted to try or by more treats or even save up for a holiday.

9: Be careful what you eat.  Try not to snack on fatty foods.  If you do need to snack, try fruit, raw vegetables or sugar-free gum.

10: Take one day at a time.  Each day without a cigarette is good news for your health, your family and your pocket.


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