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FITT Training Principles

FITT Training Principles


The F.I.T.T. Principle Of Training Can Be Applied To All Methods Of Training.

FITT Means:

Frequency:  The number of times each week that you train, for maximum benefit you should be doing at least 3sessions per week.

Intensity:  The level of which you workout at.  This can be measured by Heart-Rate.

Time:  Length of time that we spend on each workout.  You should aim towards each session being 1hour.

Type:  what exercise is, whether it is resistance training or CV (cardiovascular).  It should be a combination of both.

Other Principles In Training:

Overload:  Increasing the resistance so that it is greater than the body is used to.

Progression:  Moving on, so as the level of training gets easier, as the body adapts you increase the effort level at which you are working at.

Reversibility:  If you don’t train you will lose the benefits that you have gained, loosing fitness levels, or loss of muscle tone.

Specificity:  This could relate to training for a specific sport, or for training a particular part of the body.

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