TV Marathon World Record Attempt (Day 1)

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Well its 9pm and Im sat in the middle of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Village on a sofa watching Lord of The Rings Trilogy…  Why???  Well Im now 10hrs into my latest World Record Attempt, something totally out of the box for me, no running, no fitness, just sat on my arse aiming to stay awake for 6days.

The day started great, I got into the Outlet Village at 8am, met with the management of John Lewis Home Outlet Store who helped me set up a living room setting with a huge 3D Panasonic 52inch TV & Panasonic BluRay DVD Player.

At 11am I started the record attempt, ‘The Longest TV Marathon’ the aim to watch DVDs back to back without a break and now sleep.

Ive ran for 7days before, Ive ran across the Arctic and Sahara, Ive ran a marathon everyday for 100days, Ive had to stay awake for long periods of time in the Army, so I start very confident that I will break this world record.

The day turns with bad news, uncertain news! The BBC speak to me for an interview about what I am doing and why Im doing it and it becomes apparent that GWR have given me the wrong details and rules, I eventually get to speak to GWR and get the full up to date record rules and find that Im still good for it and dont have to start again and then the good news, I thought the existing record stood at 120hrs 23mins but that was for a similar world record, the record for watching movies in a cinema, and as Im watching movies on a TV its a totally different world record and the TV version of the world record stands at only 86hrs and 37mins.

So not quite as dificult to break as first thought…


However, it was good that I got to speak personally to someone at GWR as I have DVDs with me that are very recent and have not yet made it onto TV, the rules stipulate that I can only watch pre-recorded TV or films that have been already Broadcast on TV, so I can watch Gladiator for example but not a Film that has only just come onto DVD.

Just as well that I started with a TV Documentary that went onto DVD about Cracknell & Fogles row across the Atlantic then I went onto the Old 1980s Transformers Cartoons that I have been watching most of the day.

Im only able to watch U Cert movies during opening store hours and then once there is no kids about I can watch what I like, so right now I thought Id put on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and then maybe watch the complete Rocky Movie Boxset.

So more Transformers Cartoons tomorrow lol…

So after a bit of an up and down is it still ok is it not??? Everything has turned out great for the first day.

Only 77hrs or so to break the World Record.

Had BBC Oxford News come down to film for the 6:30 Evening News on BBC1 then Infinite8 Productions came down to film for a couple of Local media sources and I also had the Swindon Advertiser come down to take photos and a quick chat with BBC Radio Wiltshire who want to interview me in the morning.

So a good start to this latest world record which Ive called

My ‘Not So Sport Relief Challenge’

Raising Money for Sport Relief.

My Justgiving page is:

Big thanks to

  • McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Village Swindon
  • John Lewis Home Outlet Store
  • Caffe Mattia
  • The Energy Kitchen
  • Boost Energy

And of course all the people who have made a donation today for Sport Relief.

Remember as well as my Just Giving Page, you can come in and see me at the Outlet Village just outside the John Lewis Store and by donating just £1 will put you in the prize draw to win a Swindon Town FC Home Short which has been signed by the whole team.

Please feel free to comment about what Im doing any words of encouragement what movies you think I should watch etc.

Hope you lot get a good nights sleep lol, as I wont now till Saturday

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  1. Andy Mitchelson says:

    Good luck Mike!

  2. Heather Miller says:

    Just heard your interview on TalkSport, absolutely brilliant idea! Best of luck mate!

    • mikebuss says:

      Thanks Heather for your support, cant wait till I finish this challenge on Saturday actually lol

  3. Gareth King says:

    I too just heard you on talk sport, I would recommend the wire box sets for late night viewing, will be sure to keep you awake. Good luck

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