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Why You Should Run in Vienna!

A Unique Way to Experience a Marathon

Wien, Vienna, Viena, Vienne, Bécs, Dunaj, Vídeň, Wenen, Wiedeń, Viyana or “Wean”: Whatever you call the world capital of classical music – discover marathon running here or discover it anew!

  • Vienna is extraordinary
  • Classical Overture
  • International Friendship Party
  • A truly impressive course
  • Competitions for all
  • Be inspired by Mozart and Johann Strauß
  • Vienna in celebratory mood
  • New Theme every year

In recent years the Vienna City Marathon has succeeded in creating a unique position as a marathon event on the international scene. It offers participants a very different experience to what they can find elsewhere around the world. The “VCM” gives you the chance to experience the marathon in a unique way. The reason why it’s extraordinary is because that’s in keeping with the city of Vienna itself and because the organising team bring such passion and creativity to their work to make the Vienna City Marathon outstanding.

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