WR | Fastest 10km on Road Carrying 60lbs Pack

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At the 2004 Capital FM 10km Run at Hyde Park Mike went on to break his next world record to run the fastest 10km whilst carrying a 60lbs pack…

A Scortching hot day! It was one of the hottest days of the year, the route was so open and exposed to the sun, not one part of the route was shaded!

But what a great race, so well organised and huge crowd watching the event around the course! The organisers were amazing and so accomodating, allowing Mike to prepare in the VIP tent and they also got Mike up on stage at the end of the event to congratulate him in front of the whole crowd and live on Capitol FM.

At the end Foxy even came over to Mike to congratulate him on his success!

Great day all round! That afternoon it was straight down to Covent Garden with friends to celebrate in the pub with OJ.

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