10 Great Reasons for Having Sex

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If you are in that winter blues mood and sex has just gone straight to the bottom of the list, then kick start your New Years Sex Drive and see that besides the obvious benefits of fun and enjoyment, what other benefits come from having regular sex.

Top of the List – Weight Loss!!!

  • Thats right, what better way to help with all those new years resolutions to loose weight and get fit than to have sex! Just by passionately kissing you burn approximately 26Kcals per minute!  Burn 150Kcals in just 30minutes of having sex.

Imagine 10 times per week would burn 1500kcals – a great excuse to encourage your partner.

Good Skin:

  • Sperm contains proteins that have a tightening effect on skin and wrinkles.


Studies have shown that men watching Porn showing 3somes with two guys and a female produce more sperm than watching just women.  The thinking is from scientists that its about potential competition.

Reducing the Risk of Cancer:

  • Sex has been proven to lower the risk of Prostate Cancer, a very convincing reason to get your partner into bed, when over 30,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the UK.

Your Heart:

  • Orgasms not only lower your stress levels, they also lower your blood pressure.  Scientists have seen that men having sex twice per week are significantly less likely to suffer from heart disease than those doing it just once per month.

Pain Relief:

  • If you ever get the old Ive got a headache tonight answer when mentioning sex to your partner, remind them of this…  Get you bodies natural pain killers with dopamine and oxytocin when you reach orgasm.

Dental Care:

  • Kissing is also great for your teeth, the saliva released cleans your mouth, sperm is even better, orally taken sperm contains zinc and calcium.  This is great for teeth, healthy bones and immunity.

Healthy Lungs:

  • Having regular sex, produces higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody which helps you protect from respiratory diseases such as flu.


  • Again Semen has extra special powers! Semen contains oxytocin and prolactin, which are both antidepressants, either ingested or absorbed into the body.  Ejaculation is also good for the male as it helps men sleep.

Finally – Stress:

  • Just like any aerobic exercise, sex helps to lower stress and anxiety levels.  Women in scientific tests have been shown to have lower stress levels the morning after sex that night.


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