1920 Antwerp Olympics

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After an 8yr gap and the 1st World War over, the Olympics was back and this time in Antwerp.  The Antwerp Games (Games of the VII Olympiad) in Belgium took place between 20th April to 12th September.

The 1916 Games was supposed to take place in Berlin but was cancelled due to the war.

The Host City:

Budapest in Hungry had origionally been selected as the host country but as the Austro-Hungarian Empire had been an ally of Germany during the war, the 1920 Games was awarded the to Hungry.  Also out of respect to the people of Belgium who had suffered huge losses and suffering, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey were banned from competing at the Games.

The Venue:

The 1920 Olympics was held at the Olympisch Stadion which is currently now used by the Belgium Football Club.

Quick Facts:

  • Host City – Antwerp, Belgium
  • Nations Participated – 29
  • Athletes Participated – 2626 (2561 men & 65 women)
  • Events Organised – 24 sports/154 events
  • Opened by King Albert I of Belgium
  • At the Opening Ceremony the Olympic Flag was flown for the very first time.
  • It was the first time also that the Olympic Oath was taken by a competitor.
  • And Doves were released as a symbol of peace.

Sporting Firsts:

A wide range of sports saw the Olympics for the first time including some winter sports…

  • Ice Hockey
  • Tug of War
  • Korfball (a mixed gender sport) was introduced as a demonstration sport
  • 90,000 copies were made of the 1920 Games Poster in 17 languages


The USA Team won the 1920 Games with Great Britain coming 3rd

  • USA Gold: 41
  • USA Silver: 27
  • USA Bronze: 27
  • Total: 95


  • Great Britain Gold: 15
  • Great Britain Silver: 15
  • Great Britain Bronze: 25
  • Total: 43


Germany were actually banned from the Olympics, missing the next games also in 1924 (Paris).


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