Are Carbs Bad For You???

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We’ve seen the No Carb, Low carb Diets hit our book shelves for the past 30yrs and become Number 1 best sellers, bought by people looking for the promised quick fix and the dream to be thin again…

But are carbs really bad for us? a couple of the main books that have come out of this type of diet are the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet, both sold world wide with huge success.

The Atkins Diet was probably the most extreme of the two books, telling you to cut out carbs and living off protein and fat.  However the side effects were not good! To start with, there is bad breath, constipation, nausea, and more seriously HEART DISEASE!

Dr Atkins the person responsible for the diet even died from Heart Disease, this says a lot really.  And there is also the side effect of pre-mature aging.  Not great advertising for a diet really.

Especially when talking to women and mention the C WORD, and watch the look of horror, stick a loaf of bread or pasta in their face and watch them run.  These diets are bad enough as it is, but people do tend to take these diets too far and cut out carbs totally.

We’ve been told by these diets for years that carbs are bad, but the foundation of evidence behind these no carb, low carb diets are totally with no solid foundations.

Since these diets have hit the public domain, people have been wrongly self-diagnosing themselves as wheat intolerant or with IBS without even going to a doctor, just to justify ditching carbs from their diet.

Also Gram for Gram Carbs hold less calories than fat or protein so if you are looking to lose weight then carbs should be present in your diet, basically the only right way to eat healthy, and even lose weight is to eat a balanced diet.

By Mike Buss.

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