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Banana & Honey Bread

This recipe will make 12 slices… 115g of unsaturated margarine 115g light soft brown sugar 2tbsp Honey 2x eggs 225g self-raising flour (wholemeal) 1/2tsp of ground nutmeg or cinnamon 2x large bananas juice of 1x lemon juice 1. Pre-Heat oven to 180degrees C, lightly grease and line a 900g loaf tin.  Beat together margarine, sugar […]

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Tuna with Sesame Spinach

This great fish meal will serve 4 people, so great for the family or for inviting over a couple of friends. 4x 150g Fresh Tuna Steaks 4tbsp Olive Oil 3tbsp Soy Sauce 2x Hot Red Chillies (drained, de-seeded and finely chopped) Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper 3tbsp Sesame Seeds 2tbsp Sesame Oil Juice of […]

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The mikebuss Winter Survival Guide

Winter is closing in! We are just coming up on November and already we have had to scrape ice off car windows in the mornings, so Mike Buss, former British Army Soldier and survival expert with 10yrs military experience, surviving in some of the most inhospitable climates in the world  from the Jungle to the […]

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Tiredness – Performance – Energy

About 30% of all clients at mikebussPT Ltd say they lack energy either throughout the day or in the afternoon and evening.  Tiredness is a function of: Brain activity Muscular activity Pschyo-social factors The three most important nutrients to aid brain and muscle function are: Water Glucose Oxygen Water:  Drink at least 2ltrs daily Drink […]

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Health | Womens Health

Women face specific health problems.  In fact, because of the additional responsibilities associated with child bearing.  As well as possible work site discrimination, women managers are exposed to stress unknown to men. Osteoporosis has long been called “the silent epidemic”  because 25% of all postmenopausal women suffer without any real symptoms or warning.  For many […]

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Alternative Healing | A 6000 Year Old Taoist Healing Tradition

Not Just a Lot of Hot Air? At the Chun Do Sun Bup Ki Energy Institute, a 6000year old Taoist Healing tradition is healing 21st Century Ills…  Based in London, the institute the Masters treat up to 30 patients a day from 5am to 11pm and get this for no pay! Chun Do Sun Bup […]

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Apple & Pork Kebabs

Served with a mustard sauce. Nutrition Information Calories: 290 Sugars: 11g Protein: 24g Fat: 17g Carbohydrate: 11g Saturated Fat: 5g   Ingredients: 450g Pork Fillets 2x Eating Apples A splash of lemon juice 1x lemon 2tsp of Dijon mustard 2tbsp of apple or orange juice 2tbsp sunflower oil Mixed Salad   Mustard Sauce: 1tbsp whole grain […]

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Having a Life Coach is all about having someone to encourage you to see things from a new perspective and setting you sights on new horizons.  Every successful athlete and performer today has a coach of some sort, a Life Coach enables you to be your best in any field.     Career Coaching: Do […]

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Boxercise is now at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre and for an all over body conditioning workout you couldnt find a more fun and rigorous group training session. Boxercise has been around since 1992.  With well over 6000 Boxercise Instrucors and over 150,000 people taking part in Boxercise in the UK every week. Boxercise has been […]

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Asthma in Young Athletes Linked to Polution

According to American Scientists, children who play sport in areas with high levels of air polution are 3 times more likely to develop asthma than other youngsters. Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California showed ozone can contribute to asthma. Reducing levels of ozone is the ideal solution, but […]

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