Adverse Reactions to Food

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When people who are described as atopic, eat certain foods, they produce excessive amounts of an antibody called immunogloblin E when eating and inhaling allergens.

These foods are often such as milk, fish, eggs & nuts.  The reaction can be as light as just a runny nose to extreme cases of swelling of the face, and even life threatening anaphylaxis.  The are also delayed signs that can happen such as asthma, diarrhoea, eczema and migraine.


This causes an allergic reaction that does not involve the immune system.

Enzyme Problem: when people lack lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose (the sugar found in milk)

Food Aversion: This is where people avoid food either for psychological reasons or they link it to feeling ill.

Ingredient or Chemical Sensitivity: Certain substances in food can provoke symptoms in people, for example, tyramine in matured cheese and red wine can cause some people migraines.

Other Causes: One example is wheat intolerance.

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By Mike Buss

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