BeaverFit Rig Arrives at mikebussPT Fitness Centre

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We are proud to announce that the long awaited BEAVERFIT Functional Training Rig will arrive at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre on Wednesday 13th February!

This is going to add a whole new dimension of training to the programme already in place at the Fitness Centre.  We will be the only gym in Swindon to have a BEAVERFIT Rig which is one of the most innovative, and versatile functional training pieces of equipment in the fitness industry and fully endorsed by multiple world endurance record breaker Mike Buss founder of the mikebussPT Fitness Centre.

We will be installing the BEAVERFIT Commander Rig which offer a selection of bars for a huge range of exercises.  The wing side bars and long reach monkeybars give variation on muscle-ups, pull-ups and flying pull ups.

We also have various accessories arriving with the Rig such as the grappler, plyometric platform and much more.


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