MdS Training Camp | Spain (£550 All Inclusive)

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mikebussPT Ltd has now launched its MdS Training Camp Series.

We offer from 1Day Training Runs and Weekend UK Based Training Sessions to our new MdS 7Day Training Camp Spain.

The MdS has become the most popular Desert Ultra Race in the world and taken up by people of all levels of fitness from the total novice who may never have even ran a half marathon to the elite competitive Ultra Athlete.

The Marathon des Sables covers some of the most rugged terrain of the Sahara Desert and not just over sand dunes.  The race takes you over mountain terrain, dried river beds, shrub wasteland and have you battling temperatures soaring to over40degrees C, so we have carefully looked for the most suitable location to mimic as best posible to the type of terrain and climate you will encounter.

Our MdS Training Camp is based in Villamartin, just 3miles from the beach and set in the foothills of tough and rugged shrub wasteland terrain, with steep climbs all around.  The temperatures of our August MdS Training Camp can also hit 45degrees C and more! We have seen the area hit 52degrees C in recent years, so a very good base to get used to what you will expect when you arrive in Morroco.

All our trainers are fully qualified Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and have extensive experience of running Ultras all over the world including the MdS.

The 7Day Training Camp Spain will involve:

  • Long Runs
  • A night run
  • Beach/dune runs
  • interval training
  • Bootcamp style fitness sessions
  • Kit advice (we are partnered with OMM which is used by many veteran Ultra Runners and our prefered kit which we have trialled and abused for over 4yrs!)
  • Nutrition
  • Eating during the Race (What to eat)


This Training Camp is all inclusive of flights, transfers, food, accomodation and all the training and advice.

All for just £550

For more details of to book, call: 07791 356 482 or Email:

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