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We are the fattest country in Europe and getting Fatter! Recent news on the subject of Obesity in the UK naming Tamworth in Staffordshire as the fattest town in the UK has spurred papers and TV to talk more about the subject of how bad our nation is getting but no one seems to be doing anything to help combat the issue.

Tamworth has been dubbed the fat capital of the UK after figures revealed that one in three people in the town is obese.

Doctors are calling on the Government to tackle the obesity epidemic, which they say is sweeping the country and now represents the biggest crisis facing the NHS.

‘Obesity’ is a clinical term used to describe excess body fat associated with increased risks of health.

According to the Department for Health, in the latest Health Survey for England, 62.8% of adults (aged 16 or over) were overweight or obese.

30.3% of children (aged between 2 and 15) were overweight or obese.

26.1% of all adults and 16% of all children were obese.

The most common way to measure obesity is by calculating an individual’s BMI (Body Mass Index).

In adults, a BMI of 25 to 29.9 means that person is considered to be overweight, and a BMI of 30 or above means that person is considered to be obese.

More information can be found on the Department for Health’s Obesity page.



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