BODY ATTACK | The Burning Sensation in Your Legs is Called Mediocrity

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BODYATTACK is a simple high intensity group exercise class to music and suitable for all fitness levels…  You will experience high energy sport training moves for cardiovascular fitness along with upper and lower body conditioningexercises.

BODYATTACK is designed around a 55min workout with two peak format and with 11 music tracks and exercises to challenge cardio fitness and stamina.

Track 1: Warm-Up

Track 2: Range of moves  and footstrikes to get ready for next track

Track 3: Aerobic – Stepping up the intensity

Track 4: Plyometric – Quick fire explosive exercises used in training for elite sport

Track 5: Upper Body Conditioning – Time to slow it down and build up your upper body strength

Track 6: Running – Loosen up with free and patterned running

Track 7: Agility – Big mix of moves to test your agility, speed and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Track 8: Intervals – Challenge your cardio system with alternating peak and recovery

Track 9: Power – Time to dig deep with powerful moves

Track 10: Lower Body Conditioning – Bring it back down again and focus on lower body strength training exercises

Track 11: Cool Down – You deserve it!

BODYATTACK is for all abilities, good fun and great for an alround body conditioning workout.

mikebuss Star Rating: 4/5*

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