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Since LIW 2012 in September, and meeting Rugged Interactive there who own Cardiowall, Ive had one istalled at my gym in Swindon and have had a massive success with it being a great hit at the gym!

The kids love it and so do the adults, Ive used it in Circuit Training, Boxercise, BOOTCAMP and lots with personal training clients with great results and the commens coming back are that this is one of the most fun devices theyve ever use to workout with!  Not only are they saying is fun though, but because they are having fun, they are highly motivated and pushing themselves harder than before when they use it to workout with.

So now Rugged Interactive have come up with the Portable Cardiowall, great for any fitness professional that is often on the road going to clients, great for organisations looking for products to use to interact with the public on road shows etc.

The Portable Cardiowall is called “CardioWall Traveller” – fun and fitness in a flightcase.

The Traveller can be assembled in 10 minutes from inside a proper wheeled flightcase.  Meaning it’s pretty much bombproof and well capable of standing up to life on the road.

  • Suitable for exhibitions, roadshows, PR launches and multi-site use the Traveller also comes with the option of an updateable front fascia sticker which can be created specifically for a special event.
  • Travelling size is 1.3m x 1.3m x 35cm (assembled size is 2.1 m high) and it weighs approx 55kg. All the components slot into place and are then secured with wing nuts for simplicity.
  • The unit ships with one of our standard front fascia stickers but this can be overlaid with a custom print to your design (we’ll share the template if you ask) for a small extra charge.
  • Can be played with hands, boxing gloves, soft balls, weights — you name it!
  • You can set it to exclude the higher lights so kids or people with limited mobility can play.

The CardioWall RRP is £3,289 and the Traveller System is £899, so this baby can be yours for a total of £4,188 + VAT.  (That’s dramatically less than you’d pay for a Batak, and the CardioWall is much more robust.)
But wait, there’s more — save £399 if you order before Christmas!  Call it our Christmas present to you.
All the excitement of competition with the robustness of the CardioWall, and it’s easily transportable — a winning combination!


Tel: 01726 981 123

This product like all Cardiowall products get a serious 5/5 from me!


By Mike Buss | Celebrity Trainer.


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