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Few World Records are safe these days, having broken over 40 myself and only 4 stills standing the last time I checked, I know this only too well, but none-the-less so than the one for cycling around the world.  In the past 3yrs since 2008 the benchmark of 194 days has been broken 4times, most recently by Thailand based British cyclist Alan Bate.  On August 4th 2011 Bate peddled into Bangkok, having spent just 113 days in the saddle.

The trip took in 18,000miles, through 17 countries and across 5 continents.  Along the way he had to fight off isolation, drunken Aborigines, Texan bicycle thieves and money cheating grafters from India.  Bate rode an average of 160miles per day on a specialized touring bike and took 50days off the previous world record.

The Route:

  • Thailand: After crashing 3times during training, Bate started strong covering 273miles in the first 24hrs.
  • Malaysia: The Jungles of Langkwai proved difficult with endless winding hills, heat and elephants sleeping in the road.
  • Australia: The Great Eastern Highway was miles of arid terrain, hopped up truckers, and the dangers of Kangaroos jumping into his path.
  • USA: Despite some storms, Bate flew through Arizona and Texas unscathed during the height of tornado season.
  • Brazil: Bate reached the northeast of Brazil along with heavy rains, missing a major flood disaster by only 24hrs.
  • Thailand: On the final leg Bate suffered food poisoning and nearly collapsed, but peddled on unassisted into Bangkok.

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