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ELVIS BIRTHDAY BASH DASH – 5/10km Saturday, January 16, 2016 – 9:30am The Strong Center – Olympia, WA Dig out your jumpsuit, don your sideburns, and order up your gold sunglasses – it’s time for the Elvis Birthday Bash Dash – the first costumed, and most amazing 5K/10K of the new year! As part of […]

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Mike Featured in SourceWire.com | Feb 2010

FIVE WORLD RECORDS IN ONE WEEKEND: Mike Buss in Support of Help for Heroes @ Swindon Designer Outlet Tuesday 23rd February, Swindon, United Kingdom – This weekend 35 year old Mike Buss, former member of The Royal Green Jackets who began his army career aged 16 at the Territorial Army centre in Swindon, broke five […]

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Mike Buss Featured in Daily Telegraph | Jan 2010

Former soldier smashes world treadmill record Mike Buss, a former soldier, has run into the record books by covering more   than 500 miles in a week on a treadmill. Mr Buss broke the previous record of 468 miles in seven days on Friday – his   sixth day of running. By the deadline of noon on […]

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TV Marathon World Record (Day2)

Another day over.  Today is Tuesday 20th March Started well again but by 11am I was feeling so tiered and heavy but after lunch I felt good again, thanks to Caffe Mattia int he Outlet Food Court. Im writing this at 6:20am on Wednesday as last night I just couldnt type a world that made […]

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World Record Attempt | Supporting Sport Relief

NOT SO Sport Relief | World Record Charity Challenge Mike Buss, Swindon’s own world record breaking endurance athlete is ready for his next challenge, but this time it doesn’t involve an ounce of exercise, this time he is going to sit watching TV for 6days… That’s right; Mike is attempting the world record for the […]

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Cycling Across The World

Few World Records are safe these days, having broken over 40 myself and only 4 stills standing the last time I checked, I know this only too well, but none-the-less so than the one for cycling around the world.  In the past 3yrs since 2008 the benchmark of 194 days has been broken 4times, most […]

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WR | Fastest Mile on Treadmill Carrying 60lbs Pack

Oct 2003 and Mike hits yet another world record! The fastest mile carrying 60lbs pack in just 7mins 27secs at the Esporta Health Club in Wimbledon, one of 5 world records broken in just one day! The record was broken in front of several hundred club members and staff watching Mike breaking another world record […]

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WR | Fastest Half Mile on Treadmill Carrying 60lbs Pack

Oct 2003 at Esporta Health Club in Wimbledon Mike broke his 4th world record and his 2nd of the day! The fastest half mile ran on a treadmill carrying 60lbs pack…  Mike ran an impressive 3mins 32secs, Mike was on target to break 5 world records in just one day, a feat never achieved before […]

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