TV Marathon World Record (Day2)

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Another day over.  Today is Tuesday 20th March Started well again but by 11am I was feeling so tiered and heavy but after lunch I felt good again, thanks to Caffe Mattia int he Outlet Food Court.

Im writing this at 6:20am on Wednesday as last night I just couldnt type a world that made sense let alone string a sentence together, not sure if this is going to make scense or if Im spelling errors but youre going to have to forgive me as I have now been awake for 48hrs of which 43hrs have been since I started the world record.

My body now has the shakes, not sure where thats coming from, its not down to my BOOST Energy Drinks with all the Caffiene as Ive stayed away from them as much as possible to have them work effectively when I need them most.

Day 2 was reasonably OK, had a couple of dips during the day with loss of energy but it wasnt till about 3am today that I started getting the shakes and feeling like Im suffering with the lack of sleep.

Movies last night were Platoon, Letters from Iwo Jima and Flag of our Fathers, then is was Monty Pythons Holy Grail and currently watching 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis.

Going to start upping the energy drinks today slightly.

After 16 Blocks Im going to have to revert back to U Cert Movies again as the Outlet will be open again soon, so it will be back on to the Transformers DVD Boxset again of the origional TV Series.

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