DIEt Books to Die For…

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We have live in a world of wanting to look like the models and celebs we see every day that we will go to any lengths to get the look, but what do you really know about the consequences of such mad methods of dieting that you can pick off the shelf in your local book store.

Some of the worst offenders

Which Magazine reported that almost all books they researched a few years ago failed to offer basic advice on healthy eating, exercise or psychological issues.

Some of the worse books on sale even offer potentially dangerous weight loss advice.  You have the low fat, the low carb, food-combining and one meal a day diets and all offer great results but can you trust not only your weight loss but your health too?

I have practically bought every diet book on the market, I wanted to read research and decide if they would one work and two are healthy and safe.

Low Carb diets have been found by researchers to be the worst of the offending diet books, but the huge following by celebs using these diets have made them some of the most popular diets in the world such as The Dr Atkins Diet.  Too few carbs in our diet cause the body to alter the way it breaks down fat and can lead to a condition called Ketosis which includes symptoms of bad breath, and nausea.  Other books I’ve looked at that offer the world and actually just in the long term put your health at harm potentially include Protein Power by Dr Michael & Dr Mary Eades, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet by Dr Rachel & Richard Heller and Diet Cure by Julia Ross.  These books also lack fibre and contain large amounts of Protein over the recommended daily allowance.

Having researched on the net and spoken to many experts in the field shows that there is no scientific evidence that the food combining diets work either.  These diets encourage you to eat food groups at different times of the day rather than together, they say you shouldn’t for example eat protein and carbs in the same meal and claim this idea aids to weight loss.

In my research looking into all these books whatever the diet idea they still mostly have one thing in common, to reduce calories, and if you reduce calories of course you are going to lose weight!

Many diets that suggest you have a shake for breakfast and lunch and your only meal of the day in the evening are some of the worst diets you can put yourself through and although you will lose lots of weight fast, once you come off the diet and even eat perfectly healthy you are going to put the weight on and most likely more than before.

Why? Well by going on these diets you will put your body into starvation mode; your metabolism will slow down and hold on to the calories you are eating.  Your body’s metabolism by the end of this extreme styled reduced calorie diet would slow down so much that when you turn to a well balanced healthy eating plan your body will not be able to cope with this and the weight will pile on yet again and most likely you will put more weight on than ever before.

Your best bet is to just eat sensibly and exercise, remember if you are burning more calories than you are eating you will lose weight, it’s simple mathematics. So ditch the diet books and their crazy ideas and just eat in moderation.

By Mike Buss

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