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This week’s Gadget test concentrates on the top phone carrying armbands on the market today, I will be looking at durability, comfort, value for money and practicality etc.

As more and more smart phones hit the market, along with MP3s and iPods, almost every runner has one, but where do you carry it? How do you carry it to play your favourite tunes whilst out on your run or down the gym training for that matter…

The best option people go for is the armband styled option and Ive taken a look trialling the best and most popular on the market.



  • Adidas Griffin
  • Belkin
  • Armpocket

Adidas Griffin: Price £19.99 RRP

This option from Adidas is simple, comes in just the one colour (Black). It fits most phones like the iPhone but the larger and wider phones will probably not fit, and if you have larger than average arms you will struggle to fit the strap around your arm as even having a slim build myself, even I found the band a bit tight.

As for comfort, I found my iPhone dug into my bicep and was after a couple of miles uncomfortable and the tightness of the small (one size fits all) band was also restrictive.

Comfort 1/5

Quality 3/5

Durability 4/5

Value for Money 2/5


Belkin: Price £12.99 – £15.99

The Belkin model is much like the Adidas Griffin, made from neopren, and I did feel the armband was slightly more comfortable but still a bit tight. Perfect for the iPhone or similar size phones.  Again like the Adidas Griffen the back of the armband had no cushioning and left the phone digging into my arm which was rather uncomfortable after just a couple of miles of running.

Comfort 1/5

Quality 3/5

Durability 4/5

Value for Money 4/5


Armpocket: Price £17.50RRP  *BEST BUY PRODUCT TEST*

The armpocket comes in various size pouches to suit the needs of the individual from the i-10 which will fit most phones, even the ones slightly bigger than the iPhone and have room for keys and money etc. Then you have the sport i-20 which is double the capacity and the one you can see in the above picture.  Even though the pouch is bigger there isn’t any movement when just carrying a phone.  Unlike the other brands it comes in S/M/L to fit all size arms and has memory foam padding to stop your phone digging into your arm.

Comfort 5/5

Quality 5/5

Durability 5/5

Value for Money 5/5


By Mike Buss

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