Drink More Water!

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Water-Should-I-DrinkWater is one of the most important ingredients that your body needs.  And yet, most people do not consume enough of this vital fluid.

Never Underestimate the Value of Water:

Water regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen, carries away waste, helps detoxify the kidneys and liver, dissolves vitamins and minerals and cushions the body from injury.  Every day you lose on average 10 to 12 cups of water, which needs to be replaced to maintain your body’s important fluid balance.

Watch for Dehydration:

According to leading healthcare organisations, even mild dehydration can lead to health problems such as lethargy and constipation.  Dehydration symptoms can include loss of appetite, minor headaches, dizziness and general lack of mental clarity.  There is also evidence that drinking an adequate amount of water may help to prevent some diseases such as kidney stones, and may be associated with a lower incidence of colon cancer.

When in Doubt, Fill Your Glass Again:

Eight times 8ounce glasses of water should be the daily amount each of us should drink.  But if you exercise or have an active lifestyle/job then you should drink more.  You should also drink more if you if you live in or visit extreme condition areas of the world, such as hot humid or cold weather conditions as well as high altitudes.

If you have a cold of flu, you should also drink plenty of water, and even more if you have a fever.

Watch for Fluids That do not Count:

Water is best, but milk and juices and other beverages are about 90% water, so they can help meet your hydration needs.  Caffeinated beverages and alcohol act as diuretics and increase fluid loss.  In fact, have an extra glass of water for each cup of these liquids you drink.

Drink Before you get the Signal:

Many experts believe that if you wait until you are thirsty, you are already slightly dehydrated.  Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning and another glass before you go to bed.

Do not Leave your Water Intake to Chance:

develop a consistent water plan with consumption evenly placed throughout the day.  Keep water bottles etc close to you as a reminder.

Drink Often When Exercising:

To prevent dehydration whilst exercising, you must replace water at a faster rate than you lose it.  You should drink water continuously through out your workout.

Long Exercise Session?

Go for sports drinks, as exercise sessions longer than an hour and or in extreme environments may well warrant drinking sports energy drinks containing electrolytes to enhance fluid absorption and carbohydrates to supply energy.

When is Too Much?

If you notice unexplained increase in thirst and urination, consult your doctor to determine the cause.

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