The Importance of Strength

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Importance of Strength Training

Importance of Strength Training

Strength is a Major Factor, both in terms of general fitness and delaying the onset of aging.  The key to improving strength is to subject the muscles to a force which is greater than that which it normally encounters.

The first point to clarify, is that strength does not mean that one develops large muscles.  Indeed a strong, well toned muscle is actually 20% more compact than fat.  Quite simply regular weight training will help you to achieve that shape, which is so pleasant to the eye.

The benefits of strength training are not only aesthetic.  Given a well balanced programme, stronger muscles will produce better posture, superior performance of daily activities and a greater immunity to problems like back pain.

In order to maximise your potential strength, its recommended that you add to your training the one set to failure technique.

Many women are concerned that weight training will produce large unsightly muscles, but this is not the case and is this form of training is actually very important to womens health.


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