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Ludo Sport - Become a Jedi

Ludo Sport – Become a Jedi

How would you like to get fit and at the same time become a Jedi Knight? Well you can! LudoSport has been around a 9yrs now across Europe and 2yrs in the U.K.  But it’s only since the launch of the latest round of the Star Wars movie franchise that it’s gained a new lease of interest.

The force has been available in Cheltenham since September 2014 and is one of several around the UK where wannabe Luke Skywalkers from the county are grabbing their lightsabers and learning how to fight like a Jedi Knight.
The international academy, LudoSport, has been teaching Star Wars fans from all over the world how to use a lightsaber in combat for nine years now, and just last month and is planning on opening more academy’s soon in England and Wales.
By using techniques from fencing, martial arts, and various combat skills, combined with inspiration from the Star Wars novels and films, the creators of the academy, Simone, Fabio and Gianluca, devised this exciting and unusual new sport.
The academy welcomes all ages and stages, from young apprentices, to fully fledged siths, and has become a hugely popular pastime for likeminded people, as well being established as a fun and unique sport.
LudoSport currently has academies dotted around the world in places such as Russia, Milan, Rome, Ireland and Genoa.

Light Saber Combat is a new discipline of combat, altough in a sporting way.

Become a Jedi Knight

Become a Jedi Knight

It can be called “martial art” just in its etymological meaning of “art of Mars (the roman god of war)”.

The inspirations of this discipline were the most various and different. The three Founder Masters of LudoSport had experience in different sports, martial arts and fencing. They could each use their knowledge in different ways: Aikido, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Kempo Karate, Savate, Medieval Fencing etc. But that was not enough.

Simone, Gianluca and Fabio began to consult various western and oriental fencing masters, looking for the elements that they could use for the creation of a totally new technique. The only reference point they had were pictures and words used in movies, novels and stories that described the Seven Combat Styles in the Star Wars™ Universe.

With just these few ideas in hand, they created a new, original sport, with techniques that were perfectly aligned with the literary and cinema sources.

Sporting Light Saber Combat does not derive from any other combat art in any way. This is because the various sports that inspired Light Saber Combat have not been used to supply single movements or techniques, but solely aspects that could be adapted to the instrument that this sport uses.

An inspiration to one or other “historical” combat sports can indeed be “felt” but the practical interpretation is always different.

if you’d like to know more and become a Jedi Knight yourself, then check out their website:

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