Half Marathon Traininng With Mike Buss | Part 4

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Follow Mike Buss, World Record Breaking Endurance Athlete over the next 3 weeks, giving you top advice for your preparations for this year’s Half Marathon training.

THREE WEEKS TO GO – Weight Training:

When it comes to distance runners, weight training usually gets put to one side, on the assumption it will make the runner too heavy.

Well think again!  All the top distance runners use weights as an important part of their training.

Most of you entering a Half Marathon will have limited time to train on the road let alone go into a gym for a training session, but if you make the time your running will improve.

Muscles need to be strong as the long distances put stress on the muscles.  The stronger they are, the stronger less likely you are to get an injury.  Most of you will only have time for a couple of training sessions a week, so giving up a run for a weights session wont be practical this close to race day.

But if you can only add one session to your schedule try a 30min weight session, a circuit class or a Body Pump class.

Basic Weight Training Session:

Exercise Sets Reps
Shoulder Press 1 12
Chest Press 1 12
Lat Pull Down 1 12
Seated Row 1 12
Leg Press 1 12
Leg Curl 1 12

This session is for the novice or someone who has not got the time for a full weights session.  These are what we call compound exercises; each exercise uses multiple muscles, leaving you more time to go onto your cardio session such as your running.

Runners Weights Circuit:

This is an actual circuit I adapted from Linford Christie for myself as a distance runner and I regularly use this in training.

Exercise Sets Reps
Shoulder Press 3 20
Bench Press 3 20
Incline Flys 3 20
Up-Right Row 3 20
Bent over Row 3 20
Lat Pull Down 3 20
Arm Drives 3 20

Do all these exercises with little or no rest between till the end, then rest for one minute and then repeat a second and third time.  If you feel up to it do a fourth set, have a good resistance on the bar but make sure you can use speed to add a cardio session into your workout.  All the exercises in this routine are with free weights.

For more details on successful running, health and fitness advice or personal training contact Mike Buss on: 07791 356 482 or email Mike at: activelifeuk@hotmail.com

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