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As a personal trainer with over 20yrs experience as a fitness professional and trained thousands of people in one2one and group exercise, both in civilian world and the armed forces, Ive seen a lot to know why sometimes people just drop out of getting fit…

Dont let exercise become another stress factor in your life.  It should be used as a stress buster not a stress enhancer.  Be realistic about what you can achieve.

Set yourself short and long term goals that you feel are achieveable, talk to a personal trainer like myself to help with these.  Use SMART Goals….  Smart | Measurable | Achieveable | Recordable | Timed – So a goal like ‘I want to lose weight’ just wont work, but ‘I want to lose 1-2lbs of body fat per week for the next 3months’ is a SMART Goal.

DONT do any form of exercise you dont like, theres no point, you wont put any effort into it, and you will soon lose total interest and quit.

STOP SMOKING!!!  Its harmful, possibly one of the most harmful things you can do to yourself.  Within 48hrs of giving up smoking, your senses of taste and smell will improve.  I 12weeks your circulation will speed up, making it easier to run and walk.

Set aside time in your week to exercise, plan it into your diary for the week.  Regular exercise is key to your wellbeing and you deserve time to yourself.


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