Hero of Afghan Conflict Takes on the Olympics

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Derek Derenalagi was about to be sent to the morgue, when doctors noticed a pulse as they were about to put him in a body bag.

Pronounced dead after loosing both his legs and a fracture in his spine after being the victim of a mine exploding, Derek was about to be another fatality in the war in Afghanistan.

“Doctors were preparing my body for my body bag, now I can could compete in the Olympics”

When medics saw a spark of life, they made haste to save his life and now Derek (37yrs) has now been spurred on to become a member of the British Paralympic Team.

Derek was Fijian born and joined the army in 2000, serving in N. Ireland and twice in Afghanistan.  It was during his 2nd tour of Afghan that Derek was nearly killed, it was July 2007.

Derek and 3 other soldiers were clearing a helicopter landing site in Helmand and suddenly there was a deafening blast as their Landrover rolled over an anti-tank mine.  Derek took the full brunt of the blast which was filled with hundreds of ball bearings and 6inch nails.

Laying in a pool of his blood, believing he was about to die, looking down at where his legs once were, Derek looked up to the sky, parying to God.  He told God that if he survived he would do something inspirational and encourage others.  It was then he was rescued and Derek blacked out.

Derek endured 6months of painful learning to walk again on his prosthetic legs.  But one dream kept him going, to join the Team GB Paralympic Team at the Paralympic Games.

Watching the Beijing Paralympics from hospital Derek said to himself he could do that!

Now Derek trains 8hrs a day, to compete in the discus event.

Lets hope that Derek makes the team and cheer him on to win Gold at the 2012 Paralympics.

A true Hero and inspuration to all.

By Mike Buss

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