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The Little Girl Whos Biggest Goal Was To Win Olympic Gold | Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe has won everything there is to win when it comes to Marathon Running, but with London 2012 now nearly over and Paula having to pull out of the Womens Marathon, has the dream gone? Most of us know Paula as the world record holder of the womens marathon, an athlete that has done […]

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Mizuno Launch the ‘be’ | The Shoe for When You’re Not Running

         TRUE TO THEIR ROOTS Mizuno launch the ‘Be’   Mizuno are gearing up to launch one of their most innovative shoes to date – simply named the Be and designed to aid running strength and stability.   The Be takes inspiration from the old Waraji sandals that were worn by the samurai class and foot […]

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Olympic Opening Ceremony 1896-2008

The Olympics Ceremony has been something of tradition from the very start and over the years each host nation has tried to out do the previous, so heres a look back over the Olympics from 1896 to Bejing 2008 Games… The Olympics Opening Ceremony: Through The Years I.O.C./Getty Images The Opening Ceremony at the 1896 […]

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Team GB Olympic History

So do you know where Team GB have done over the years? Are we as good now as the past or are we a better team getting better, or are we a team in need of hope and Olympic success going down the pan? Now the Games is here in the heart of our capital, […]

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The Olympic Village

Before 1924, athletes stayed in rented accomodation located around the host city, then for the first time in 1924 at the Paris Olympics a purpose built Athlete Village was built. The Olympic Village or Athletes Village is a place where the athletes can get away from it all, relax and interact with other athletes from other […]

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Some Olympic Terminology

Have you ever wondered when watching some of the Olympic Sports what the commentators mean when they come out with words like 49er, coxswain, decathlon, IOC and Golden Slam? Well here we go… Golden Slam: This is when you win four Majors and a Gold Medal in Tennis at the Olympics.  The Term Golden Slam […]

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OMEGA Watches Start Me Up London 2012 Advert

Omega is the official London 2012 Timekeeper and this is their awesome advert, that really gives you the want to get up, go out and train, with a great backing track by The Rolling Stones.

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Olympics Greatest Moments

The Olympics is the Greatest Sporting Event on the Planet, so big it takes 4yrs to recover from the last one and get ready for the next, along with countries bidding to hoast the Greatest Show On Earth some 8yrs ahead. Here is a video montage that will show you some of the greatest moments […]

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Mizuno Performance Centre Opens in London

The Olympics is only 3 days away now and just ahead of the games Sports Brand Mizuno have set up their Performance Centre at Centre Point Building in London (next to Tottenham Court Road Tube Station). I went along yesterday to the VIP Press Launch to see the latest performance footware that will be seen […]

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MIZUNO Is Coming To Town | 2012 Olympics Build Up

Mizuno has been one of the forerunners of producing top quality running shoes and spike for years and with the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, Mizuno are set for their Press Launch of their latest products just ahead of the Olympic Games. The Press Launch is on 23rd July in London at the […]

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