Mizuno Performance Centre Opens in London

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The Olympics is only 3 days away now and just ahead of the games Sports Brand Mizuno have set up their Performance Centre at Centre Point Building in London (next to Tottenham Court Road Tube Station).

I went along yesterday to the VIP Press Launch to see the latest performance footware that will be seen at the London 2012 Olympics by their Mizuno sponsored Athletes and the up to date range of running shoes available for you to check out.

The Mizuno Performance Centre has a number of facilities to check out and well worth dropping into if you are in London during the Olympics.  The Centre is open from today (24th July) to the general public.

Get your gait tested with the Mizuno Biomechanics Team:

With the whole Mizuno range of running shoes available to test out, why not get you feet and gait tested out with a full biomechanic test and get the right shoe for all your running needs.

The centre has a number of interactive challenges to get you not just seeing their new products but to feel them also and see how they can really up your game in what ever sport you do at what ever level.



The Challenges:


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get into the blocks alongside an elite athlete? Well now you can, with the Mizuno 20m Track.  Put on the top of the range elite performance spikes and get set in the blocks where you will be racing against a computer generated image of Dan Norton from Rugby Union who is actually the fastest man in the world over 20m, even faster than Usain Bolt!


Taken on the gauntlet thrown down by Mizuno Brand Ambassador Dwight York (Former Premiership Football Player) – try on the Elite range of Mizuno football boots and see how accurate you are at scoring from a penalty kick with 3 attempts on goal.  You will also see how fast the ball travels when you kick it too.


Two of the Mizuno top performing Handball Athletes have also laid down the guantlet and challegned you to see how accurate you can throw a handball at goal, again you get 3 chances and it will also show how fast you throw the ball.

So why not take up the challenges and get on the Global Leader Board, Im currently 7th at the time of writing this feature.  Check out my scores and as well as everyone that has had a go so far, including Dwight York. (I didnt have a go at the handball so may have had a better score, but maybe next time).


There is also for the Sports History fans, the Mizuno Heritage section where you can follow a timeline of fascinating history from the birth of the Mizuno Brand in 1906 to present day showing all of the key moments in the Mizuno history.

Bet you didnt know that Mizuno made Gliders once and did you know that Mizuno designed and produced the F1 shoe for Senna?

You will also see around the MPC lots of amazing sporting paintings produced by a famous Japanese artist.  At the Press launch yesterday, we were able to watch the artist in action, painting three sporting pictures in just 15minutes.

This really is an event not to miss, whatever sport you are into.  The Mizuno Performance Centre is open from today (24th July to 12th August), so if you are in London, get on down there!

The MPC Web Link:


Win a Mizuno Brushstroke T-Shirt by going to this facebook link:





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